Oswaldtwistle Moor

This is what part of Oswaldtwistle Moor currently looks like ( not the banner picture which are turbines in the USA ). CJIoMK6WEAACsEu Depending on your view you might see this as a beautiful place. It’s a bleak windswept moor with wind turbines saving the planet from warming. Or you might see it as an ugly industrial landscape. There are actually two industries operating on this landscape. Electricity generation is an industry, and onshore wind power comes at a cost of around £95 per MwH paid to the operators, compared to around £46 per MwH for electricity generated from fossil fuels. The second industry is agriculture. Grazing sheep currently gets a subsidy of around £80/acre. So some see beauty, and some like me see taxpayers’ money being spent twice in ways that make us poorer. How many people do you see suffering from insufficient calorie intake anyway? And do we really need to pay a kick-back to landowners to produce sheep on poor quality land when at certain times of the year unsubsidised New Zealand lamb is on our supermarket shelves at around the same price. The land isn’t natural anyway as sheep will eat young trees. Some commentators say that letting the hills revert to their mixed woodland natural state before sheep arrived in Britain will reduce flood risks. Note also that the only trees in the picture are next to the farm, and also that in most shots like this only the photographer is there. If some people still insist this is attractive there is hardly anyone putting their feet where their hearts are and actually going there. The amenity value to the public of land like this is very low indeed.


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